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Squid Kids Ink

Squid Kids Ink is the creation of Nate Mitchell, born in California and raised in Wyoming. 

He always loved toys and never really stopped buying toys. H started sculpting back when he was 19.Sculpting led him to Otis, which led him to the toy industry. He graduated from the Otis Toy Design program in 2004.

While he was an intern at the largest toy company in the world, a mentor of his would call certain employees “Squids”. He used it as a derogatory term, because these employees loved the cartoons, video games, comics, and movies that their toys were based on. Little did he know, that Nate Mitchell was a complete “Squid” himself. When he needed a name for his new company, Squid Kids Ink seemed like a natural fit!

Squid Kids Ink

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