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Toy2r (Hong-Kong) was created in 2001 by Raymond Choy. Inventor of the Qee, this keychain which will become in a few years the privileged support on which talented artists like Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Coop, Tara McPherson, David Horvath or Frank Kozik will intervene. The Qee comes in many sizes, colors and styles now.

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Sold out-10%Qee 2.5'' Skelanimals Series 2Qee 2.5'' Skelanimals Series 2
Qee 2.5'' Skelanimals Series 2 Sale price7,42 € Regular price8,25 €
Sold outQee 2.5'' Design-A-QeeQee 2.5'' Design-A-Qee
Qee 2.5'' Design-A-Qee Sale price9,00 €
Sold out-40%Qee Egg Burgermenos Series
Qee Egg Burgermenos Series Sale price5,40 € Regular price9,00 €
Sold out-20%Mini Qee 1.5'' Clear SeriesMini Qee 1.5'' Clear Series
Mini Qee 1.5'' Clear Series Sale price4,00 € Regular price5,00 €
Sold out-40%Qee 3.5'' Leo Glow in DarkQee 3.5'' Leo Glow in Dark
Qee 3.5'' Leo Glow in Dark Sale price6,49 € Regular price10,83 €
Sold outToyer Enemy - Frank KozikToyer Enemy - Frank Kozik
Toyer Enemy - Frank Kozik Sale price49,90 €
Sold out-40%Terrarium Keeper Egg Qee - San Diego VersionTerrarium Keeper Egg Qee - San Diego Version
Gumivore Egg Qee - San Diego Version Sale price24,95 € Regular price41,58 €
Sold out-40%ToyerZ - Frank KozikToyerZ - Frank Kozik
ToyerZ - Frank Kozik Sale price29,94 € Regular price49,90 €
Qee 2.5" Keychain collection Alice Cherry Blossom - Charles StephanQee 2.5" Keychain collection Alice Cherry Blossom - Charles Stephan
-40%Qee 8'' Egg Deviled EggQQee 8'' Egg Deviled EggQ
Qee 8'' Egg Deviled EggQ Sale price26,94 € Regular price44,90 €
Sold outNekonoko Yellow + Cat CarpNekonoko Yellow + Cat Carp
Nekonoko Yellow + Cat Carp Sale price39,90 €
Sold outNed Zed - Artoyz versionNed Zed - Artoyz version
Ned Zed - Artoyz version Sale price65,00 €
BABY QEE ARTOYZ Sale price0,00 €
NED ZED ARTOYZ Sale price0,00 €