AK49 'Crappy Halloween 100mm Hound

50 €

This 10cm 3D printed Hound and his owners wish you a "Crappy Halloween"! You have to understand them: in this dystopian and funny uchrony, Nycya, Ogul and Hound live in a small town in America in the 50's which could have been quiet with well-mown lawns, clean cars and barbecues, but the United States was destroyed by the first Russian nuclear tests of August 29, 1949, yes the ones that were initially supposed to take place in Siberia!

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Life is hard, but Nycya, her friend Ogul, and their faithful companion Hound do not let it get them down! Nycya is prickly and deadpan, she often grumbles but is amused by Ogul's initiatives, always ready to make a living pantry, hunt Frogz the mutant frog, or organize a space trip without a rocket. Hound is not strictly speaking a dog, rather a wolf or just a quadruped, Ogul and Nycya are not so much children anymore with their tattered skins and missing hair but who cares! They explore their world and invent a daily life, with the means at hand. 

The 'Crappy Halloween' series is the very first line of art toys from the AK49' artist. Ogul and Nycya have managed to dress up despite the restrictions. Nycya sewed her own cat costume and Ogul took the risk of going to the swamp to catch a Frogz... and dress up in its skin! Delivered in a beautiful cardboard box sealed to avoid any radiation, you will find inside all the information about Hound's life!

Hauteur : 10 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte
Fabricant : AK49'

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