Andy Warhol Bust - Green Camouflage Ver

169,90 €

Can we attribute the pop concept to Andy Warhol ? Probably. His creations, whether screen-printed, photographed or painted, bear witness to an artistic culture that has defined our contemporary codes.

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Reworking and sublimating everyday objects or transcending the images of the greatest icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol is undoubtedly anchored in the 20th century for his art but also for his atypical personality, synonymous with freedom and mirror of several extravagant decades.

Today, and under the leadership of Kidrobot, find Andy in the form of 30 cm busts that include a good number of his works which are limited to 200 copies. 

Hauteur : 30 cm
Artiste : Andy Warhol
Fabricant : Kidrobot

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