Banksyisms the wit wisdom and inspiration of an art outlaw

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Do you still need to introduce Banksy? The famous (and anonymous) street artist who has been rampant for several decades in happenings, graffiti, and even more recently a satirical amusement park has a reputation that is well established.

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Patrick Potter (nothing to do with the myopic with the scar on the forehead), decides in this book, to take the work of Banksy, to show it via photographs, but especially to analyze it in order to draw the messages from it. and the inspirations that flow from it.

228 pages long, Banksyisms the wit wisdom and inspiration of an art outlaw, is a dense, but fascinating book for anyone with a minimal interest in street-art.

Hauteur : 22 cm
Largeur : 16.51 cm
Artiste : Patrick Potter
Fabricant : Carpet Bombing Culture

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