Boulevard Paris 13

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In 2013, the Galerie Itinérance created the project ?La tour Paris 13?. A tower, about to be demolished, is taken over by 108 street artists who decorate both the exterior walls, but also the 36 apartments, sometimes still furnished, that make up this testament building of an era.

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Since 2009, the Galerie Itinérance has offered interested parties a route through the streets of the 13th arrondissement to visit an open-air museum! From D * Face to Invader, via Tristan Eaton and Conor Harrington, several big names in French and international street art have made this arrondissement the Mecca of alternative art lovers.

In these times or leaving home, is not necessarily simple, this box allows you to live this artistic journey through the history of its elaboration, many photos as well as 10 double-sided boards that will allow you to hang your favorite works in your home.

Référence : ALBMICHBLVD13
Hauteur : 33 cm
Largeur : 24.5 cm
Profondeur : 3 cm
Poids : 2 kg
Artiste : Mehdi Ben Cheikh
Fabricant : Albin Michel

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