Game Designer - Danil Yad

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Danil Yad is a Russian designer who créated a crazy project a few months ago, winking at all the designers he admires: Authors, edited by Mighty Jaxx.

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If Danil Yad has already created a large line up of designers from fashion, sneakers world and contemporary art, Hideo Kojima is the second - after Tinker Hatfield - to be represented with a beautiful 20 cm figurine. It takes the major attributes of this god of video games, creator of the Metal Gear series or the very mysterious Death Stranding.

Game Designer holds his latest creation, a capsule that acts like an artificial uterus that carries a baby in stasis. If you have done Death Stranding you will know what this capsule is for...

Référence : MJXJDYGAME
Hauteur : 20 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte
Univers : Hideo Kojima
Artiste : Danil Yad
Fabricant : Mighty Jaxx

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