Godzilla '57 - Toho ReAction figure

20,90 €

The figurines Reaction are a vibrant tribute to the emblematic articulated figurines of ten cm (3 ¾ action figure) which populated the rooms and the playgrounds.

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Sportsmen, film characters, cartoons or comics are on the program, all in a sublime false retro packaging.

As Madeleine de Proust, these figurines will make you fall back in childhood in a snap of the fingers! Super7 pays hommage to a myth ofthe Japanese cinema, the studio Toho. Studios Toho were the spearheads of the Kaiju culture with in particular the largest star of all: Godzilla.

For this first wave of figurines inspired by the Toho movies, Super7 revisits in Reaction Figure standard 6 giant monsters :

- Godzilla '54

- Godzilla '57

- Mechagodzilla

- Jet Jaguar

- Mothra

- Rodan

Référence : S7RFGZAGZA57 840049817166
Hauteur : 9.5 cm
Univers : ReAction figures
Fabricant : Super7

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