Monsters Kaiju

17,90 €

The Monsters are back, and this time they have decided to take the place of the Kaiju monsters (despite their 9cm height)! If you don't know the Japanese term meaning "strange beast" or "mysterious beast", you must know the giant monsters from the Japanese movies it refers to, like Godzilla or Dinozaur!

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Well, forget about them now! Our Kaiju Monsters from Pop Mart are the new megalopolis terrors! Geant Turtle, The Unicorn Monster, Huge Crab, Robot Gojemomo, Monster Bug, The Mythical Monster, Sea Monster, The Volcano Kaeju, and Alien Kaiju are coming for you ! Covered in scales they wander through the sewers always ready to do something bad and scare people. They break trains like twigs with their forest deer hooves, or whole ships with a crab claw!

In all there are 9 designs to discover and collect! Sold in blind boxes and individually.

Hauteur : 9 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte Aveugle
Artiste : How2Work
Fabricant : Popmart

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