Skank Man - Circle Jerks (color) - ReAction figure

20,90 €
ReAction figurines are a vibrant tribute to the iconic 3 ¾ action figure articulated figurines that populated bedrooms and playgrounds. Athletes, characters from movies, cartoons or comics are on the program, all in a sublime falsely retro packaging.

Madeleine Proustienne as possible, these many figurines will take you back to childhood in a snap!

Here is one of the figures of Punk Rock, Skank Man of the Circle Jerks! The Californian group was formed in 1979, we find here this figurine made in their honor, with its Punk Rock attitude ready to be unleashed in the streets. With more than 6 albums to their credit, Circle Jerks had a real influence on the Los Angeles scene in the early 80s. 

Only 3 pieces in stock!

picto Paiement 100 % sécurisé
picto Livraison rapide de 24 à 72h
picto À ton écoute au 01 47 03 09 90
Hauteur : 9.5 cm
Univers : ReAction figures
Fabricant : Super7

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