Super7 - Beastie Boys Intergalactic 2-Pack

55 €

ReAction figurines are a vibrant homage to the iconic ten-inch action figures that have populated American bedrooms and playgrounds since the 70s. Athletes, singers, film characters, cartoons or comics are on the program, all in a sublime falsely retro packaging. Beastie Boys are an American hip-hop group so cult that the characters created for their music videos also become stars! We find here the characters present in the clip of the song named "Intergalactic", originally released in 1998.

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A global success that well deserved its Super7 adaptation! It's done with this set of 2 figurines, representing the robot and the squid ready to face each other. Measuring 9.5 cm, these limited edition figures will perfectly complete your collection and send it to another dimension!

Hauteur : 9,5 cm
Univers : ReAction figures
Fabricant : Super7

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