The Daily Flasher by mr clement - Orange Ver

129,90 €

Hong Kong artist, Mr. Clement has a protean work, whether on canvas or in sculpture, with as central character, a rabbit who does not hesitate to show his crotch whenever he has the opportunity.

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At the same time inspired by comics, television, music and more generally by pop culture, the work of mr clement has already been entitled to figurines in collaboration with Tomenosuke with the range "A Vulgar Statement".

Today, they collaborate again to bring you a new batch of figurines called "The Daily Flasher". We find our little rabbits there in the form of 27.5 cm high figurines, selfie stick in hand.

Available in 5 colors (pink, orange, yellow, green and blue), this is the orange version that you will find here.

To top it off, this glow-in-the-dark figurine.

Hauteur : 27.5 cm
Artiste : mr clement
Fabricant : Tomenosuke

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