Daniel Arsham x Pokémon, some sculptures are revealed !
29 mai
Daniel Arsham x Pokémon, some sculptures are revealed !

Among the unexpected collaborations, that with Pokémon is the best...

Contemporary star artist Daniel Arsham surprised the art world with his reinvention of archeology. It's no longer based only on what we find from the past but what we have from the present which will become past in the future. You follow ? He notably worked a gameboy in natural materials, creating an impression of erosion. He also formalizes the passage of time with the encrustation of crystals which give a very particular relief to his sculptures. And now it's time for Pokémon characters...

If until then we had only stealthy glimpses of what would give these amazing sculptures, Hypebeast in collaboration with Nanzuka, the gallery which will host the Daniel Arsham exhibition, have finished giving us the first real details. For Relics of Kanto Through Time, the artist worked around characters but also around playing cards. True witness of a recent pop culture, Pokémon made a leap in contemporary art thanks to the vision of Daniel Arsham. Since the chances of going to Japan seem more than slim now, we hope to be able to discover the exhibition in its entirety when it opens its doors on June 9 at Nanzuka.

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