Nintendo Labo: Boom Box!
18 janv.
Nintendo Labo: Boom Box!

What is behind the latest invention of Nintendo? Cardboard !!! Giant Nippon video game creator innovates again and is about to revolutionize the way we play!

The announcement has fallen, Nintendo will embark on the "recycling". Scheduled for April 24 on Switch, Nintendo Labo is a game combining video game and construction of cardboard structure. The game is like this: "build, play and discover"! Concretely, Nintendo Labo will be a full range where we can buy boxes, each including several variations of accessories such as a piano, a fishing rod, a handlebar, a robot exoskeleton, etc. accompanied by games for the Switch.
It will take between 70 and 80 $ for games and cards. Exit the Amiibos and welcome to Carton 2.0!

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