The secret of the unicorn
29 avril
The secret of the unicorn

There are hundreds of legendary creatures. From cyclops to centaurs, including Charybdis and Scylla or even the minotaur, there are all sizes, all colors and all persuasions. However, if there is one creature that has retained a cult even in the 21st century, it is the Unicorn.

Term borrowed from the Italian alicorno (itself derived from the Latin word unicornis), it designates, in the West, an animal with a horse's body, a goatee goatee, split hooves and especially a horn screwed in the middle from the front.

Mixture of oral and written traditions, it is neither a creator of world, nor a result of Greek or Roman mythology, and even less linked to heroic gestures. Therefore, making a history of the appearance of the unicorn is eminently complex. However, we can assume that the legend was born from the propensity of the explorers of the time to confuse existing animals with unique horned creatures that populated the earth such as the Narwhal, the Rhinoceros or even a whole bunch of deer that had a small problem of growth concerning their second wood.

We must also rely on human creations either via modified skeletons but with assemblages of different animals, or on bicornuate animals which with a little imagination, iron, fire and a lot of barbarism find themselves unicorn

Imaginary heraldic figure, the unicorn is almost systematically represented in white (since it is a symbol of purity) and appears on many coats of arms such as those of the United Kingdom (the English lion and the Scottish unicorn), or those of the city from Amiens.

From the 19th century, the unicorn approached the “magic horse” by losing in turn its goatee and then its split hooves. In popular culture, the unicorn is featured in many works. In literature, it is rather confined to fantasy novels or in any case fantasy such as the world of Narnia, the Neverending Story or Harry Potter while in comics it is a little more discreet although at Hergé on the bow of a boat or at Tezuka in Unico. In the cinema, the Unicorn is strongly linked to Ridley Scott whether it is through its origami appearance and in a misty dream in Blade Runner or the central place of these creatures in Legend which will be his next film. We should also mention the very nice animated film by Serge Elissalde and Grégoire Solotareff: U.
The video game is not left out with various fantasy games that take hold of this animal (world of warcraft, oblivion) but also more surprising proposals such as a mount in Assassins Creed or the very psychedelic Robot Unicorn Attack. Finally, it is difficult not to mention this monument of the toy, which has become a steamroller that has passed through all children's rooms, on small and large screens, game cartridges then CDs, smartphones: My little Pony. Creation of the Hasbro group in 1983, the series originally has three generations and in the first we find the Unicorn ponies. Equine toys always with the Tokidoki unicornos. Sold in Blind Box, these adorable figurines delight young and old with their different series. And that's not going to stop anytime soon as we can tell you that in a few days we will be making several new models available!

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