What is Artoyz ?

Artoyz is a French company created in 2003 by 4 friends fond of graphic culture. A few months after discovering this new kind of figures emerging from Asia, we decided to introduce this new kind of products to the French audience.
9 years after, Artoyz became one of the biggest names in this industry in France and in Europe, as we are retailers, curators, producers, wholesalers. It seems also that the name Art Toy became one of the most generic term for this culture.

Where does the Art toys come from ?

This « movement », also called "Designer Toys" is born at the end of the previous century, under the influence of brands such as Bounty Hunter, Silas or Medicom and artists such as Michael Lau, Eric So, Futura, James Jarvis, Kozik or Kaws that decided to put their art in 3 dimensions thru limited rotocast vinyl toys.
Nowadays, we call Art Toys limited figures created by artists and illustrators.

Are you manufacturing all those toys ?

Artoyz created the label Artoyz Originals in 2008 in order to present, develop and promote toys created by French and international artists. You can find all our Artoyz Originals products here.
All the other products on our website come from various manufacturers and labels all over the world. They tend to work closely with artists and also tend to manufacture high quality products. Most famous are Medicom, Toy2r, Kidrobot, Amos, Muttpop, The Loyal Subjects, Adfunture, Playbeast and many more.

I'm in a company and we would like to produce some toys, can you help me?

We invite you to get in touch with us in order we can study you inquiry as soon as possible. We are professionnal in the management of OEM project from conception to final delivery including drawings, prototyping, molding, packaging design, production and logistic. We can provide you quotations within few days.

We have solid references on OEM projects with Peugeot, L'Oréal, Ubisoft, Vans, Timberland, Universal Music, EMI Music, Fiat, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Hugo Boss, Angouleme International Comics Festival, Who's Next Fashion Trade Show...  

What do those toys do ?

The toys we are showcasing on our website ain’t toys for children under 14 years. Their purpose is solely for decoration and collection.

Are those toys for kids ?

Most of the products we are having on our catalog are for kids above 14 years old. We have a few products dedicated to children under 14 (mostly plushes).

Are you going to stock X or X product ?

We try to maintain our customers informed thru our blog, our newsletters, Twitter and Facebook, but you can still send us an email asking if we are going to carry such or such product.

What is Rotocast Vinyl Plastic, ABS plastic, Soft Vinyl ?

Those are the most used plastic in our industry.
Most of the figures are made of rotocast vinyl which is a soft vinyl, very malleable but it also very nice for asymmetrical shapes. This material is mostly used for small productions and limited runs. You can create an infinite range of characters and styles thank to this plastic. Also it is sensible to the heat, so try to avoid putting your vinyl toys under the sun or near a warmer; otherwise the shape might be affected.
ABS plastic is way more rigid and hard plastic. You can paint more details on ABS toys, but it is also a little bit more fragile. 
Finally you might find Soft Vinyl toys. Those figures are exclusively made in Japan as it is a very unique way of creating toys using a very soft material that allows many more thing in terms of paintings. Those figures are a little bit more pricey, because of the nature of the plastic, the very limited runs, and the use of hand painting for some of the releases.
Besides plastic you can find toys made of wood, cast, wool, cotton and many more material.

What is a blind box, a blind assortment ?

Usually a mini series consists of X figures in a display. Those boxes are sealed and it’s impossible to know what is inside a box. It’s a surprise! You got ratios and numbers of possibility to get a specific design written on the side of each box. Some are very rare figures, that could be your grail!

I bought a toy, but it is now broken, what can I do ?

That’s not cool, sorry about that…First of all, if you discover that you toy is broken when you receive your parcel, please contact us immediately.
If your toy fell off the ground, you can try to glue it.If your toy got painting marks, it is possible to remove them with the help of a “Magic Eraser”, which is not a magic product in fact, this is a special sponge that you might find in Supermarket and that will help you get rid of marks on your figures.
CAUTION: We are warning our customers that those methods can be used at your own risks. We are not responsible for damages or anything wrong that could happen with this technique.

How to design toys ?

Many people and artists have been asking us this question for years.
Two solutions: you can either submit your projects for consideration to us directly. If you got a strong project that we like, we may work on it together. Or you can also try to produce the figure by yourself by getting in touch directly with factories in Asia for quotations.
Note that any project is substantially expansive; it’s a few Gs to make your own toys.If you are convinced you have a great toy idea, get in touch with all the labels in the industry, everybody is very helpful and will try to help you or give you advices.
Don’t focus on vinyl only, there is a handful of great material you can use to free your creativity (wood, cast, fimo…).

I’d like to buy toys for my own shop, do you wholesale toys ?

Yes we do, please contact us thru this link for more informations.

Great stuff, I like it ! I want to know more !

So I herd you like toys ? That’s nice ! You can now check websites such as Vinylpulse, or Toysarevil for daily news about vinyl culture. Be sure to google names of artists and toys you like. You can also find great books in librairies, such as Toyland (publisher : Monsa), I am Plastic (publisher : Kidrobot), Vinyl Will Kill (publisher : iDN), or Full Vinyl (publisher : Collins Design). We carry most of those books, check out our Books’ section.
Also Clutter Magazine is a periodical publication that will help you know more about this universe.