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Article: MIST & SKWAK in Dedine> Saturday 20 February / 16h-19h


MIST & SKWAK in Dedine> Saturday 20 February / 16h-19h

You will not come home by chance, let alone this Saturday since we have two sizes (41 and 43 I think I remember) who will dedicate their new figurines: Mist and Skwak. As the calendars of outings sometimes overlap, we said that it would be rather nice to make a dual date to enjoy the exceptional arrival of these two artists who both live in the opposite one of the other ( One in Lille, the other in Montpellier, I let you guess who is who). Mist will have the honor to present you all new Toy: Lucius, produced by Artoyz Originals. The ARGOYZ version you see in the image below is limited to 100 pieces and is about 15 cm. Skwak, meanwhile, will present its new release at Kidrobot: Oil Slick Dunny 8 inches. Transparent with yellow and black touches, its first 8-inch dunny soaked in a little oil and a little gold. A pure success. Run production: 500 pieces. Discover the figurines in pictures: Appointment Saturday, February 20 from 16h In order to obtain these beautiful news and take advantage of it to have them dedicated by the forces involved! Attention: very limited quantities for the Dunny Skwak! Artoyz Shop + Gallery 45 Drive Tree Street 75001 Paris Metro Louvre-Rivoli Tel: 01 47 03 09 90


Je ne connaissais pas ses objets … ils sont trop beaux !! Je vais certainement en prendre un pour l’anniversaire de mon neveu

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Je suis hyper déçu,
j’étais dans les premiers pour la dédicace de Mist et j’avais apporté un wagon blanc artoyz pour qu’il me fasse un petit custom. Le boss d’artoyz l’a mis de côté pour que Mist s’en occupe plus tard et forcément le seul qui a été oublié c’est bibi.
Je suis dég!!!!!!!!!!!

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