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Article: Ashley Wood Toys


Ashley Wood Toys

Ashley Wood Killer Bertie was therefore only a first step for Ashley Wood, his collaboration with the new label Three has (Resurrection of Three Zero, the oldest may be remembered) is therefore one of the most prolific of the year and especially excessively promising if we believe the recent ultra limited outings as well as the beautiful projects to come. Undoubtedly Bertie is a separate figurine, which marks a turning point maybe in the toy-game and in the perfectionism / to the mouth. The style of Ashley Wood, yet at first glance difficult to transcribe, expands in volume and leaves so much from the ordinary that one recovers to dream. Beyond the two versions of Bertie (the second soon arrives at Artoyz), a third will make his princess during the comicon. This black version with spectral white paintings relaxes the currants and still gives us a lot of chills, a variant resulting from the too well "zombies vs robots". Bertie This is only a prelude to other equally delusional outings among which two figurines 1 / 6th type action figure. The first released in louredé, whose photos having filtered are still rare, responds to the charming sobriquet of Feather name. Feather name Masked figurine, dirty deed commander, with a nice white tee-shirt. Sounds good. As for the second 1/6 figurine "The dead 13 - Saint of Vengeance", it is even more terrifying. But in the right sense of the term. Not in the sense "Say so I saw your mother-in-law come out of the hairdresser, she has a terrifying cut." The dead 13 Dad, why there is the Medicom logo on the teaser ad? It lacks big war machines here. Well, it's time to do the presentations then: Sylvie Here is Bramble, Bramble Here Sylvie. I was in 5th class with Bramble in Montargis, but if I told you it demolished the school 8 times. Yes after his waist-brewer course he worked for a few time a railler, he retaled Renault 11. What he holds in his right hand scares you? But not my love, you are foolish, it is only a little gatling of nothing at all, in more Bramble is someone pacifist who makes very expectBlam Blam Blam Blam Blam Blam Blam ..... Sylvie? ?? Sylvie my love you hear me ??? But where is your head my little cat ?? Braid Braid Braid Braid This monster will be presented / put on sale during the SDCC. A 1/1 scale version will be visible during the living room. And when we say 1/1 it's not the result of a football match but you understood it is not it? NO ? Hannnn shame he does not even know what it's a 1/1 hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the all null hannnnnnn

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