Payday by Nate Van Dyke

Payday Vinyl Figure by Nate Van Dyke    "I get money..i..i..i get money" must turn into a loop in the ballader of this bifs thief that sends us Ningyousi. New collab with one of Roster's artists Upper Playground, here Nate Van Dyke Who had the honors of a beautiful focus in the last issue of Juxtapoz. A gun in the hand, a bag full of tickets in the other, a mop mask within reach of palches to deceive the enemy, and to remember where this monkey comes (eh yeah it's the icon of the marks the walrus). Two colors will come out, a monotonous that you see here and a lower color version in the post. Good deal, a small blind will be included in each of the boxes. And 500 pieces with color. Payday Vinyl Figure by Nate Van Dyke    Payday Vinyl Figure by Nate Van Dyke

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Il en existe 3 versions, il y a aussi une version G.I.D (Glow In Dark),elle est visible sur ce lien:
Pour le nombre d’exemplaires, je ne sais pas,ça peut être 500 comme les 2 autres modèles, mais une quantité plus limitée ne m’étonnerais pas! :wink:

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