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Article: Teddy Troops Series 3 + 3.5 '' DIY


Teddy Troops Series 3 + 3.5 '' DIY

Teddy Troops S3 You no longer wait for it? And yet so! Flying FortressAlways thanks to AdFunture comes back these next days with two new variations from its champion teddy: Teddy Troops. On the one hand with the series 3 which is scheduled for August / September and whose above designs can be seen from Parskid, ???, D * face and Krsn Obviously. From the memory at the announcement of the series 2 it was supposed to come out 30 designs but only 4 were born. It is announced for this series 11 designs and a sale in Blind Boxes, hoping to see creations of Jeremy Fish, Gomes, MCA, Mr. Jago according to what had been left on the bottom side at the time of the Series 2. Teddy Troops 3.5 '' DIY And if not, on the other hand, should not delay Minis Teddy Troops to customize, which will make the classic size of the minis, it is about 10 cm, or 3.5 inches. Available at Artoyz and resellers for the return of classes ... Logic considering the packaging.

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