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Article: Bwana Spoons in dedication> Tuesday June 30

Bwana Spoons in dedication> Tuesday June 30

Bwana Spoons Take the road this summer with in its suitcases its first solo collection titled "Welcome to Forest Island" and published by Top Shelf Productions.

Tuesday June 30, the American -based American artist will make a stopover at Artoyz to sign Swe deliver.

144 pages, colorful including paintings, cards, sketches, comics and more, all dedicated to the world that Bwana Spoons has created for so many years around his forest island. The universe would not be complete if there was not its Croco-Baleines, the peak cicadas, the farmer who was closed recently, and a brutal bat that plays the battery in a proto-metal group. His style tinged with psyche-flood colors exploding the chromatic palette with the end of her brushes allows him to create the most incredible bestiary we met.

In addition to his book, the artist will bring with him customized figurines, and some goodies sold out. And above all, Bwana Spoons will be hot potato!

He specially prepared for us (so for you), some Killer, his favorite whale that collectors around the world tear. Discover the interview we had done a few months ago with Bwana Spoons (Part 1 / Part 2) And below a little reading for those who are not familiar with his universe ... Come many Tuesday 30 from 6 p.m.! "Bwanas spoons' paintings jumped from the leaf to the figurine! Since he tried a volume, he can no longer stop. Its style, without difficulty mixes pastel/candy colors with others more basic and the result is striking! His characters therefore seem to take literally life and get straight out of the forest. It is so prolific, that it proves that Bwana completely flourishes in this new form of expression. »-David Hyuck, Cloudy Collection. Bwana Spoons is a painter and designer Originally from Portland where he has an art gallery as well as a shop with his partner Justin Scrappers Morrison. His work was published in magazines such as Moonshine, Pencil Fight, and Soft Smooth Brain to name a part. Bwana also worked with Gargamel, Adidas, Nike, Nickolodeon Magazine, Converse, Pinball Publishing, Strangeco, Dekline, Foundation, Hessenmob, Vans, Laika, WK, Bumbleride, Super 7, among others. ____________ Top shelf presents Welcome to Forest Island, The Flagship Monograph by Bwana Spoons, A Painter, designer, Screenprinter, Zine Rocker, and Toymaker Whose Work has been featured on dizzying array of shoes, skateboards, apparel, baby strollers, art toys, and Gallery Walls throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. All 144 Full-Color Pages-Including Paintings, Maps, Sketches, Comics, and More-Are Dedicated To Forest Island: The Wild, Hyperchromatic Paradise Spoons has been constructing with His Art for Several Years. The Denizens of This Mind-Bending Island Included Sweet Whale-Gators, Boozy Super-Cicadas, Arrow-Slinging, Basket-Weaving Bearded Love Tribes, An Ex-Hobo Mushroom Farmer, and One Brutally Intense Bat Who Plays Drums in a proto-metal Band and Would do Just About Anything to Make A Bagel Relinquoh Its Jelly Filling! Rendered in Swaths of Psychedelic Fluorescents in A Flurry of Wild Yet Delicate Bushwork, the explosive pages of Welcome to Forest Island Establish Bwana Spoons as the Cuddliest Art-Monster Around, Whose Furious Imagination is Matched Only by the Intimacy of His Handskills. The Thoughtful and Provocative design, by Tokyo wunderkind Ian Lynam, elevates Spoons’ opus beyond a “mere” collection of jaw-dropping artwork to a true coffee table gem. Cloth-spined and case-bound, this full-color compendium heralds not only the birth of a wild and woolly nation, but also the arrival of a major new force in the art world. -- Full-Color Hardcover Art Book, 144 pages, 6 1/2" x 9"

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