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Article: Sushi by Andrew Bell


Sushi by Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell we tickles the taste buds with this new figurine named all naturally Sushi. This charming character is a octopus that unfortunately for him (and fortunately for our appetite I want to say!) Is cut into sushi. Sushi is a straight character released from the overflowing imagination of Andrew Bell and made Print a few years ago. The blue version of this pretty dissected octopus (no link with KAWS, even the alternative pair does not have a report, but stop see, you see evil everywhere!) Will be available at the imminent comic con and only in 150 copies. Small packaging -fort friendly- of circumstance, Miamiam. But that Japanese cooking lovers are reassured because the standard, red version will be available in the wider series of the month of August. Ittadakimasu! All images are below (Chantal?)

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