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Article: Da Sturm by Tim Tsui


Da Sturm by Tim Tsui

It is the season of the lounges, conventions and other teeming events of costume populace of all edges. While we barely get back from the Japan Expo / Comic-Con where we proudly represented 4 days during, the Taipei Toy Festival and the San Diego Comic-con are "just around the corner" for our antipodes friends. The TTF seems to have replaced the deceased HK Comic-con in our hearts by offering a little more beautiful things every year. The Festoche gathers every summer a large raout of Asian designers and their new productions. We discover today in prelude to the official presentation (can we speak of toynote as we talk about Keynote at Apple?) Tim Tsui's new vinyl entitled Da sturm Who throws a baboon into the pond, personifying once again the simian vandalism with power accessories and discretion with always his fans of painting bombs. The details that have made Tim Tsui's style are always present but it will be difficult to judge for the moment of the room in itself given the shitty quality of the photo that will appear when you have clicked on the highlighted link. Photo taken with a device of 28 million pixels not yet well settled.

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