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Article: Copper by Steph COP


Copper by Steph COP

Copper From the new to Bonustoyz, Steph.cop returns with a new vinyl figurine very inspired and really different from what we are used to seeing in the majority of current productions. Nervous angles, capillary pixellization, picky touches, removable volumes, calculated accessorization, demanding details, shimmering paints, here are some formulas that come to mind when we look closer to the taf that has been done for this new generation bboy . A french touch that we expected more, far from the graffitic clichés. A modern vision and somewhat foresight of the character who ornait the dirty walls of the north of Paris at the time when the majority of us squatted the recess courses. Gray copper Pink copper Copper Artoyz Green copper 18 cm good vinyl. 5 different versions of about a hundred pieces each. A dark and stylized box in the image of the characters it contains. A flexible attitude, many sharpened facets, Steph.Cop knows how to surprise us and move us. Available now.

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