Gardener Still by Michael Lau + Terry Richardson Exhibition in HK

Terry Richardson X Michael Lau GARDENER STILL Attention this weekend Nicole.

Next weekend (December 8-9) will take place GARDENER STILL In Hong Kong, it is an ephemeral expo (sweet pleonasm, even if there are permanent exhibitions, say that we tend to specify it when it happens) hosted by Michael Lau in his own gallery and who will give us the opportunity to see new garden 6 inches Too long left for two years. Recall it is supposed to lay down 103 in all!


If we believe the images, it is no less than 10 new figurines that will be presented, with small bonuses in the person of the small pascagoula scattered in boxes at random and Dj Panda.

Here is the distribution of classic figurines: Prodig, Young Prodig, Lazy Prodig, DJ Tommy, Lazy Dj Tommy

And for the secrets: Yellow Pascagoula (hidden in Lazy Prodig), White Pascagoula (hidden in Prodig), Clear Pascagoula (hidden in Young Prodig), Dj Panda V.1 (hidden in DJ Tommy), DJ Panda V.2 (hidden In Lazy Dj Tommy).



All photos of paintings and exhibition Terry Richardson after MOOT:

DJ Tommy Painting

Prodig Painting

Pascagoula painting

And since Michael Lau seems to be touched by the deep artistic fiber, he let himself go to compose some rather huge paintings, we can count 5 of which 3 will be for sale at auction during the GARDENER STILL which will take place this weekend The Michael Gallery.


Richardson painting

For his exhibition in Hong Kong Sponso by Diesel, "from Rio to Hong Kong", Terry Richardson Has had the very good idea to invite in Guest the local of the Michael Lau step. For the occasion, the latter designed a 1: 1 scale figurine in person in person, all teeth in front of a very suggestive position. It should be noted that the proportions seem respected.



In addition to this huge figurine, in every sense of the word, an illustration book was Posted with illustrations like to misunderstand a kind of Kamasutra from Richardson Solo by Michael Lau de the letter a at the letter Z. Some T-shirts taking up these illus seems to have been arranged during the opening on December 01.

If you are in Hong Kong by the end of the month, go for a turn it is definitely worth a look.

Richardson X Lau Book

Richardson X Lau Book Richardson X Lau Book Richardson X Lau Illus Richardson X Lau Book Charming is not it? The exhibition lasts until December 23rd. Source: TomM Wong's Blog and Crazy0709


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Moi je veux un Pasagoula clear, je m’en fou !

No author March 28, 2022

Putin, tous les gardeners, je les veux tous :confused:

No author March 28, 2022
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