Rainbowsaurus by Bwana Spoons

Rainbowsaurus Here is a moment we follow closely with the wanderings of Bwana Spoons In the world of Toy being a little more amazed at each new output or attempted "Colorway" original and unusual. Its previous achievements have largely a fee, including its peaceful fetish whale, Killer, that he painted many ways, sometimes disconcerting, often incredible. During the American event (Vinyl Toy Network) which took place last weekend in Pasadena, visitors were able to discover the prototype of a new creature exiting the animal-poetic spirit of the artist of Portland . From the painting that you can appreciate above, Rainbowsaurus Presented itself as a real success in believing the pictures of the ProTo you can discover a little lower in the message. A sweetness for the eyes with this dorsal spine in rainbow, this charming frimousse despite long sharp teeth and cute little birds on the body that are not without reminding the pius pious that we could find with the Rolitoboy . Already thousands of possibilities go through the mind when we think of the magic colors that we will be able to appreciate on the body of this adorable country dinosaur. Where we could especially see energetic and aggressive dinos, it seems so harmless, Guilleret and friendly that a member of the FARC after a subcutaneous injection of tranquilizers for elephants. After the whale (Killer), the Crocodile (Edward The Gator), the bat (Steven The Bat), so here come an ancestral and disappeared animal revisited the worst that is for us, ie in figurine . Only one question remains pending: resin or vinyl? Rainbowsaurus Proto Rainbowsaurus Proto 2 Rainbowsaurus Proto 3 Figurine carved by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic Out of Switcheroo in 2008. Source: Vinylpulse


Trop fou !!! J’espère que la mise en couleur tiendra la route par contre, on peut vite passer du top au flop sur un support aussi dingue…

No author March 28, 2022

Bon j’ai fini par apprécier le croco, et celui là, je le trouve sublime… Quoique, je crois que je préfère carrément ses peintures, qui déboitent gentiment.

No author March 28, 2022
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