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Article: [TOP 2009] 4 - Be@rbrick 200% Die-Cast


[TOP 2009] 4 - Be@rbrick 200% Die-Cast

Stone, paper, scissors and after? Bandai and Medicom have united their technology, their know-how and their universes in order to get out of Be@rbrick Die-Cast, ideally articulated and with the best size possible for this kind of project: 200%, or about fifteen centimeters. Neither too much nor too little. All the parts are in "superalloy", which is an alloy of quality, resistance and exemplary outfit. It is in this material that the legendary Popy toys were made in the 70s. Your heavy bear is a beautiful technical feat, and it can incidentally serve as a jack in the event of a breakdown (no do not do it). On the way to becoming a new standard since to date we have had the chance to discover 5 in 2009 (white, black, chrome, Gold and Alexander Girard), knowing that a owl 6th will arrive very soon. Heavy on heavy. It is in the old pots that we make the best toys.

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