Interview with Lucas Beaufort

Hello lucas, thank you for granting us your time, to start, can you give us the main lines of your course

I started very late to draw at 27 years. I did not have the goal of becoming an artist, I did not even know it's possible. I made a drawing for a friend, I had no conviction, no goal behind. And then a drawing takes another that will lead to an exhibition and here ...

After, I bathed the in, my mother was an artist at his hours lost so I saw lots of canvas and my father was collector so he was giving me in galleries, they showed me canvases they bought. In summary, I started late, but I bathed in an artistic universe as I come from the middle of the skateboard which is a creative environment.

At 27, I'm starting to draw and it became serious ... Finally serious ... Let's say I have been letting go for it at the age of 33, today I have 39. took me 5 years to convert this passion to work sufficient to live. We see lots of people who have a job and who develop their parallel passion. I was very lucky and worked a lot to be able to avoid having a job that fascinates me little and paint at night when returning from work, I am 100%.


How do we go from skateboarding to art?


It's the skate that brought me to what I am today. If I have to thank something, it's my mother who at the age of 13 wanted to take me into a skateshop and buy me a real skateboard. Which led me later to meet people who were skateboarding, artists, photographers, musicians, writers. The transition was naturally because I bathed in this universe and it has been feeding me since my 13 years.



What are your main inspirations?


The base is skateboarding, then the music. I wonder even if I do not have something to do in the music so I like it. The music is synonymous with very very strong emotion in the same way as art. When I go to museums or exhibitions, I can fall on works that move a lot. My mother brought me a classic culture and on my side, I listen to many types of music, but quite sharp stuff. There is a group that is called "Explosion in The Sky", we talk about inspiration, it is clearly one. I saw them in Paris just before the confinement in February, and I had tears in my eyes. My wife was next to me and asked me "What's going on" and she did not feel what I felt and that, it's inexplicable. Me the music makes me climb in emotions and sensations that are inexplicable.

There is also the trip. Before Covid, I rented my home for 3 years and I traveled around the world with my wife who is also my agent my friend, in short, we are a pair. We had the chance to travel around the world, to do in one year the equivalent of a travel life. Instead of a great trip a year, we did 50 in the same year. Africa, Australia, Asia, United States ... In fact what am passionate about it is the others. Why I love to travel? Because I discover cultures, I create connections with people who make me discover music, local gastronomy, their universes, etc.
I am free in my head because I am an artist, I get up at the time that I do what I want, but today with the pandemic, I no longer have this freedom of movement and this inspiration that came to me my travels.

In the last three years, I took 100 aircraft a year. The, I just feter a year without taking a flight (laugh).


What is Gus Gus for you?

Gus Gus is a key character. At first, you try to find a style in your art, it comes little by little and then I had this big inspiration from a trip to Egypt in 2018. I saw a lot of Egyptian art, including the Hieroglyphs that gave the style of this Gus Gus in 2D. I have always loved the Gusgus mouse of Cinderella suddenly, the name comes from there. Mid-man Mid-bird it recalls a little Egyptian art with the masks, and then Gus Gus is me actually, free like a bird, feet on earth like a man, a passionate about the world, sharing and always a hat on the head.


Not too hard to convert a 2D character in 3D?


It was a big problem. He is in 2D and I could draw her eyes closed this character. I was a lot helped by the team at Artoyz who asked me to draw from the face, high, below ... you do not even imagine I was unable to imagine his face. They told me to do it as a modeling paste and photographing it in all seams. Maybe I will show the pictures, but when you see the sculpture in motion clay and the end result, you tell you that the Artoyz team made a miracle (laugh).

Devoted is a nice documentary on the skate press. Two questions as you plan to return to a movie again? Your opinion on the skate press?


I am very hard with me. I do things and a few months later, I'm very critical about what I do. One of the few things I'm proud today is this movie. It was a fight to do it. I do not have a base in the documentary, I went on camera in the fist. I did the first in a cinema in Los Angeles, imagine the emotion ... it devotes two years of work to go around the world to meet legends, my idols. Let's say you're a fan of Formula 1. It's like it, you were doing a docu on all F1 champions and you had access to their homes with all their trophies, all their stories. I wanted to make a movie behind after I was noticed that we saw few young people in my movie. Young generations have not necessarily known the print and so it was very complicated to include them in it.

For the following movie, I had to see 5 groups of young people, Israel, Asia, Africa and France and live with them what it is to be 14 years old and skate. I started with Bangkok and I followed a young crew of skater. I start interviewing and I was super disarmed because they did not tell me anything. When I asked questions about how their days were, they answered me a word "super". And I decided to give up everything. While I'm not like that ... I'll get it later one day. Maybe if I started by Paris, I would have been more confident and it would have passed better.

Regarding the press it touches me a little less, but it's funny you talk about it because at this moment, I'm working on a book on skateshops around the world. The book will bring together 85 iconic skateshops spread over 27 countries, shops that are 20.30 years old! The skateboarding is the foundation of everything, suddenly this book on the skate foundation via the skateshop! The benefit of the book is that it remains, you reopen, the rewrite, it is tangible. We asked me why I did not do something online, but imagine, I'm doing a video tomorrow, she will be forgotten after tomorrow. The book, he will stay on the skateshop counter 5, 10, 15 years old. I rebound on the subject, but I am from the VHS generation, at the time we bought a VHS and looked at it at 30, 40 times a month, it was known by heart. Today, you take a video on Thrasher, the guy puts 2 years and a half to prepare a video, to hurt himself, she goes out Thursday, on Friday you already have a new video that replaces her and it's over and it's finished . Perhaps we should slow down.

And then, what are your plans?

I have a billion stuff (laugh). I have one who is particularly important to me, this summer, I'm leaving with two pots 1800 bicycle terminals. We called it the little whole of France. We start from Normandy to Cannes, by electric bike with the desire to reconnect a little already between us, who each has our separate lives but also with France as a whole to stop in the small villages, play the petanque l 'Afternoon with the old. I had to make 4 km cycling in all my life so it's a holy lot of 3 weeks long. I just hope not to make too much shadow with the real Tour de France that will take place at the same time (laugh)

You can find the work of Lucas Beaufort on his website And on his account Instagram !

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