Where The Wild Things Are

Figure of buzz of the year, the cinematographic adaptation of the worship book of Maurice Sendak (Max and maximonstres At home) by Spike Jonze (Adaptation, in the head of John Malkovich Among others) is devoted to a certain success in collectors of Toys. The proof in pictures : Medicom "dropped the bomb" by announcing the exit in October of a Kubrick set resuming the young max that is in the center of history, and 7 "Wild Things" in Kubrick version all finesse and in detail. The small max will be entitled to additional favor process since a Figure-Rah action will coincide with the exit of the movie this fall. Medicom is not a pioneer in the field since McFarlane Toys (Who unfortunately knows very great structural difficulties at the moment) out of excellent figurines of the monsters a few years ago as evidenced these beautiful images that I hook via Flickr. The book forbidden (finally censored because depicting the story of a boy sometimes nude had scandalized some psychoanalysts including Françoise Dolto, Ref Wikipedia for more information) should benefit from all the attentions given the talent Engineering of Spike Jonze and the incredible overpower of the Monsters of the New York History Maurice Sendak. And if you have not yet mate the trailer, throw it on it, if you have not read the book, run in a bookstore, if you do not have children to tell the story, do -In one now (or train alone at first). Superb Arcade Music Fire Bonus. [YouTube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--n9kljxbjq[/youtube]
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