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Article: The Little Paradis, the 3.Paradis drawings book

The Little Paradis, le carnet de dessins de 3.PARADIS

The Little Paradis, the 3.Paradis drawings book

If you read The little Prince d 'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the cover of The Little Paradis will remember things. Inspired by this story that crosses time, the rising brand 3.Paradis - spotted especially during the LVMH price - decided to deliver a message of hope as a book of drawings For children at the Montreal Hospital in Canada. Brilliantly taking the symbol of the dove, a true leitmotif in the work ofEmeric Tchatchoua From 3.Paradis, this book of poetic and contemporary drawings is in collaboration with many artists.

André Saraiva, Invader, Sarah Andelman (Colette), Theophilus London, Octavian, Doctor Woo, Javier Calleja, Nadia Lee Cohen or Joan Julien are artists who collaborate in this inventive and engaged project to a full world "Hope, freedom and unity". Dedicated both children and adults who have been children but might have forgotten it, The Little Paradis pushes to escape and surpass itself by creation. A luminous initiative and engaged in the image of the creation of 3.Paradis.

Credits: 3.Paradis

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