The results of the designer Toy Awards are here!

This year, it is in the big apple that this eighth edition of the designer Toy Awards was taking place.
This ceremony rewards the major players in the adult collection toy industry that we all know (otherwise I do not understand why you are there !? XD).

Without further delay, drum rolling, here are the results:
In the Toy of The Year category: Kid Katana (Skull Edition) by 2Festallosis


 In the Toy of The Year category - Mr. Dob by Takashi Murakami



in the Artist of The Year category - Quiccs (we advise you to see his instagram page!)



In the Artist of The Year category - Chino lam



In the Custom of The Year category - Death Rides to War by Jon Paul Kaiser 



In the category Custom of the Year (Panel) - Inappropriate by Jason Freeny (who had created the polemic last summer ...)



In the category Best Toy Store - Toy Tokyo



In the category Best Online Toy Store (FAN) - MyPlastiCheart



In the Best Non-Plastic (Panel) category - Tree Fort Gro-op by Ian Ziobrowski



In the category Best Resin (Panel) - Beyond The Black Sea by Greg "Craola" Simkins



In the category Best Soft Vinyl (Panel) - Yu Shou Long by Kenneth Tang (Black Seed) 



in the category Best Vinyl and Plastic (Panel) - Kat by Andrew Bell



In the Break-Thru Artist category - Sad Salesman



in the Brand of the Year (Panel) category - UNBOX INDUSTRIES



In the Best Mini Series (Panel) category - Arcane Divination 3 "Dunny Series by Kidrobot




in the category Best Production Sculpt (Panel) - Frekkle by SERIOUSLY SILLY K (DESIGNED BY SCOTT TOLLESON)



in the Best Licensed (Panel) category - Wonder Woman by Tara McPherson 



In the category Best Non-Licensed (Panel) - The Greatest Showdowns by Scott C




Thank you to the site The Toy Chronicle for info, a big thank you also to Clutter magazine For the organization and especially a big congratulations to all and those who have won these different prizes!

Promised next year we will be part of it! ;-)

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