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Article: Toy Story Transmutaion !!!

Toy Story Transmutaion !!!

Toy Story Transmutaion !!!

When we think back to the felt, you know the Japanese series like Ultraman, Bioman or X-Gold see also their US Power Rangers version, we think immediately giant robot!

The Mechas giants have always fascinated toy fans! Who has never dreamed of having a megazord or the bioman robot?! Not to mention the fascination in the Goldorak Hexagon, "Grendizer" in its original version!

Among the novelties of the site, we propose you, like a good Madeleine de Proust to taste of tangy engine, the model Toy Story Die Cast Chogokin - Woody Robo Sheriff Star Version ! But what is his originality? Bandai offers Toy Story characters in Mecha mode with headline: zig-zag, rex, bayonne, hair pile and the most important Woody! And like Toy Story 4 will be late, we can wait by assembling the best way this giant robot!



Between plastic and metal Diecast, these figurines will be difficult to exhibit: you prefer them in separate mode or in robot mode?!


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