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Article: Trend 2005 / Part 3

Trend 2005 / Part 3

Continuation and end of the 2005 retrospective of the world of Designer toy. The only real collaboration that convinces a little more than toy Addicts is undoubtedly the achievements that Medicom and the American graffiti artist Kaws have been undertaking for a few years now. And 2005 was undoubtedly the year of Kaws. In addition to the fact that its coast explodes on online sales sites, but also in contemporary art galleries, or still in trendy shops, its toys have become essential and ultra -coveted cult objects. Its ultra minimum online sales site is formidable, imagine that a production of figurines (rarely below 500 copies) has been launched "to the tear" since too many people had thrown themselves On a figurine and could not gain the case! The fact that he drew several Bathing APE / BAPE collections only increases his rating. Yet the boy is rather of the discreet type. But his companion 5 Years Later speak and occupy space for him. 5 variants were released this year (Brown, Gray, Black, Gid Green and Gid Blue) and call Cofidis to recover one today. But the worst thing is still his 400% BE@RBRICK Wood, which is, as its name suggests, all in wood ... and not crate wood .... a superb laser achievement which has moved the whole community. An absolute must have but at a really high price (call Cofidis, sell your France Telecom shares and stop all superfluous activity for the next 6 months). And at the very end of the year while the World Character Convention 22 took place in Japan (figure and toy fair) a brand new figurine is released, but this time in collaboration with graphic designer Pushead. This gives a companion kaws x morbid and cadaveric pushead but endowed with an always impeccable realization. This first variant, from the price of an arm, was put up for sale during the WCC but 3 other variants should point their nose in the coming weeks. A name that it was difficult to dodge this year is that of Kozik. Used his inimitable style (usually an animal with a cigarette in the beak) he was on all fronts. You can count no less than a dozen Dunny (Mao + Woman, Anarchy, Orange, Rose, White, Humbug, 2 Series), but also Smorkin Labbit for Kidrobot (in 2 '' and in 10 ''), Qee 8 inch, 8 -inch Knuckle with Toy2R, Smokin Joe with Screaming toys, and I'm sure I forget. Isn't it likely to tire fans? Hopefully we will see other beautiful achievements like the very recent Dr Bomb and Bomb Jr or even Mecha Bongo who suggest an enlargement of the Kozik bestiary. The illustrious Futura will have been relatively discreet this year, except its now celebrated Nosferatu produced in collaboration with 360ToyGroup which is a splendid abstract figurine with the image of a pointman and available in 8 different versions (at the time of its release, today hook!). Topping! Nosferatu The two accomplices who are godparents are undoubtedly Tim Biskup and Gary Baseman. Ultra present in American galleries and in all the good dealers of toys This year, their creations and their customs are increasingly coveted by collectors. And they know how to distill their creations very well and work with manufacturers in a very thoughtful way. They both operated on the QEE, Munny and Dunny as if to prove to the world that they were largely above this playstick. But the most crisp is in their own figurines extension of their graphic universes and thousands of bizarre characters present in their paintings or illustrations. Thus the Pollards, Helper, Cali or Ghoner for Biskup, the Dances, Toby or the Dumbluck for Baseman are real exceptional pieces, real works of art. What could be more natural to see them within the same excellent series of mini figurines Neo Kaiju who also counted on the reinforcement of the spouses Schorr and Seonna Hong (the wife of Biskup). They should not stop on such a good path and 2006 has many surprises in store for these two artists. The creator of the Uglydolls, David Horvath, did not have broken insipation since he develops a lot of universes in parallel with his superstars tortors created with his partner. Indeed he also made Dunny (Ajaja) of Qee (Ham Slammer and Dkny) but he now has a series just for him, the Noupa, directly in the line of his mapping and very colorful graphic universe. Many projects in preparation for this gentleman also this year. Among the Americans we also saw a new space figurine arriving from Mario Martinez AKA Mars-1: observe in 4 colors. Looking figurine circuspunks seem to have a significant echo across the Atlantic while starting is a little more soft on this side. Necessary toy Foundation continue their rather feminine productions with the characters of Camille Rose Garcia, a re-run by Irina de Fafi and the impressive Bunnyduck by Todd Schorr. Quality figurines, more than honorable. Let's go back to the old contains to take a closer look at what we do James Jarvis and Pete Fowler. Arrived almost at the same time as the Hong Kongs in this universe, the latter did not deserve since they still produced in 2005 superb figurines against all odds, far from "what we will say". James Jarvis' comic book project "Mr Vortigern Machine" has not finished surprising us, since he still released 6 figurines of 22 cm in a prelude to this work planned for May 2006; To this we can add a few "traditional" series from In Crowd including ICWF wrestlers and the Psyche Pop Imaginary Plastic Band group. It is an overworked pete (yes you saw it in pubs or clips this year if you have been attentive) which will have "only" brought us series 3 of the monsterism, but we expect new productions in The coming weeks (Tribe of Monsterism). These two English friends have deliberately chosen to do quality, and it takes time! Other English, Mike and Katie Tado made a slight foray in 2005 with their mini series of Fortune Pork stuffed animals, original and successful in collaboration with Flying Cat. It is with these same Flying Cat (the label which takes care of the incredible figurines of Nathan Jurevicius, also will again have a crazy news in 2006) that Jon Burgerman will release his first figurines in a few months. Speaking of quality, we Know the know-how of the Critterbox company, but they presented a plethora of projects at the Comic Con in July and only the dances of Baseman were able to see the light of day at the end of the year .... but if they arrive at Bringing up all the projects that are in the pipes, 2006 will certainly be their year (Walker by Jeff Soto, "Life in Hell" figurines of Matt Groening, etc ...). Unless this is the year of Wheat Wheat? After a shy departure with the Mad*L in 2004, the latter surprised everyone with the superb figurines of Joe Ledbetter playing with the prospects and the 2D/3D effects for two figurines (Mr Bunny and Firecat + their ultra rare variants) who conquered the whole planet in a short time. The "artists" series of Mad*L as well as the new toys From Thomas Han, Andrew Bell, Joe Ledbetter and many others place them already like the biggest outsiders in 2006. Firecat We also expect a lot of Android 8 which presented lots of super sexy projects during the Comic Con, but also the division toy de Ningyoushi: Screaming toys, who released the Smokin Joe and who announce figurines in collaboration with the Californian brand of quality Fifty24SF (Sam Flores, David Shoe among others.) What about Frenchies? Everything is fine for them, thank you. More and more French artists are asked by Toylabels and 2006 should propel the French at the top of the poster. Rolito, which has already gratified us with several Rolitoboy and Nedzed will continue the Rolitoland Safari adventure in no doubt; His partner Run777 released one of the most beautiful Qee this year (Alphonso Classical Bad Boy) and the Semper-Fi team will let go on a few bills. Superdeux continues his Stereotype project with Redmagic and prepares new toys With the Americans of Strangeco that we look forward to. Tilt has already tried Dunny, and it will be Koa's turn for 2006. Mist and Steph Cop will certainly make a heist with their new respective figures at Bonustoyz shortly shortly (Orus and Aro). Many other projects are preparing in the underwater and 2006 should bring us its share of surprises. It is with great optimism that we are going to start this new year with in particular the figurines of Jeff Soto and Luke Chueh, the Sours of Brendan Monroe, the 6 inch Stereotype of Superdeux, the 10 -inch artist teddy tods, the new series of series Qee, Dunny, Be@Rbrick, Besti, Ciboys, New Artists, New Projects, New Ideas, New Variants, New Customs, New Standards, New Stores, New Manufacturers, Figurines that we know and wait, the toys Let us hope, the projects we dream of. This little world is in turmoil, we regret that the Hong Kongs have slowed down the cadence (except Michael Lau) but the next generation is already everywhere in the world and the year 2006 risks being boho in the eyes and wallet. What about Artoyz figurines? This year if all is well! See You In 2007!

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