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Article: Portrait #17: MP Gautheron

Portrait #17: MP Gautheron

This week, meeting with Mp Gautheron, 26 -year -old visual artist. An enigmatic, colorful and meticulous work to discover urgently!

Tell us a bit about your work, what are your tools? Your inspirations?

Art toys are just a tenth of my job. I am above all visual artist, I create large paintings mixing very realistic animals, plants, minerals, skulls and patterns. I use for my art toys As well as for my acrylic paintings, I am not inspired by nothing in particular, my patterns come very spontaneously as well as the color combinations, I do not need to think and it is very relaxing to do.

Sony DSCSony DSCSony DSC

Bugs Bunny - Artoyz x leblon Delienne

When did you start working on art toys ?

In fact it is quite recent, I started by customizing skulls, a few years ago. But since I am very present on social networks, an art collector toys, very interested in my work, gave me a special order for me to customize a Be@rbrick 1000 %! I covered it with patterns, as I do on my skulls. For a first it was a lot of work!

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What is your first or latest creation?

My latest creations are special orders. The first is a Deathshead of David Flores That I completely covered with a motif, for a collector based in the United States. It was very complex to customize but I really liked it! The second is a toy which is called " Mu »That I created in collaboration with two sculptors, Samuel And Bernard. This Mu is a small 40 cm fighter that weighs 8.5 kg. They both have the particularity of reacting to black light. So my creations have a double without reading, in white light they are flamboyant and multicolored and in black light they sparkle!

I also have the project to make my own art toy in the near future. And I will launch, in collaboration, a collection of 10 Be@rbrick 400% very soon.

Sony DSCSony DSC Sony DSCSony DSC [Width Video = "1920" Height = "1080" MP4 = "/IMG-Blog/2015/04/MPGAUTHERON-DEATHSHEAD.MP4"][/video]

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