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Article: Exit at the museum with Goodsmile Company!

Sortie au musée avec GoodSmile Company!

Exit at the museum with Goodsmile Company!

Figma Figurines collection "The Table Museum " By Goodsmile Company takes up the great figures of classical art like the Vitridian man of Leonardo da Vinci. This famous drawing represents the ideal / perfect proportions of the human body inscribed in a circle and a square, the man of Vitruvius is an iconic allegorical symbol of humanism, rebirth, rationalism, "man in the center of All / man in the center of the universe ", just that!



To go back to our business, you can take all possible and unimaginable poses to this figurine! And good news, we also offer the rest of the museum, ie the Rodin thinker in "bronze" or "plaster" (insured plastic effect) or the Venus of Milo (which you can compare with the Original at the Louvre Museum!) And the Michel-Ange David still in white marble "plasticized"!


Goodsmile Company X Max Factory proves once again that they master the subject of the action is! Do not hesitate to take pictures by tagging us or with the word #Artoyz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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