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K.Olin Tribu

In 2009, Matthieu Dutheil founded K.Olin Tribu in Limoges, in France, offering an alternative to the production of vinyl figurines by introducing porcelain.

This society combines the creative universes of graphic designers, illustrators, toy designers and artists, thus offering a new approach to the decoration figurine, whether produced in a limited series or as a unique piece.

Thanks to collaboration with renamed graffiti and street art artists, K.Olin Tribu has global recognition.

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Sold outMc Supersized PorcelainMc Supersized Porcelain
Mc Supersized Porcelain Sale price480,00 €
Pre-orderSkull Red Butterfly - Noon
Skull Red Butterfly - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Sold outPre-orderSkull Brain Pink - Emilio Garcia
Pre-orderSkull Brain Bleu de Four - Emilio Garcia
Pre-orderSkull Polka Dot - NoonSkull Polka Dot - Noon
Skull Polka Dot - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderSpray Paint Cash Red - NoonSpray Paint Cash Red - Noon
Spray Paint Cash Red - Noon Sale price250,00 €
Sold outPre-orderSkull Brain Black - Emilio Garcia
Pre-orderSkull Brain - Emilio GarciaSkull Brain - Emilio Garcia
Skull Brain - Emilio Garcia Sale price250,00 €
Pre-orderSkull Platinum B - Noon
Skull Platinum B - Noon Sale price400,00 €
Sold outPre-orderSkull Gold B - NoonSkull Gold B - Noon
Skull Gold B - Noon Sale price400,00 €
Pre-orderSkull Green Butterfly - Noon
Skull Green Butterfly - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderSkull Salutation - Noon
Skull Salutation - Noon Sale price400,00 €
Pre-orderPray Hands Black Edition by Matthew LapentaPray Hands Black Edition by Matthew Lapenta
Pre-orderPray Hands by Matthew Lapenta
Pray Hands by Matthew Lapenta Sale price300,00 €
Pre-orderMarmot Gold by SweetloveMarmot Gold by Sweetlove
Marmot Gold by Sweetlove Sale price700,00 €
Pre-orderUrbanCat by Hiro AndoUrbanCat by Hiro Ando
UrbanCat by Hiro Ando Sale price2.400,00 €
Pre-orderApple Care Porcelain by Fidia Falaschetti
Pre-orderSculpture Popek Black Porcelain Edition by WHATSHISNAMESculpture Popek Black Porcelain Edition by WHATSHISNAME
Pre-orderSkull KOI Engraving - NoonSkull KOI Engraving - Noon
Skull KOI Engraving - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderSkull TJ Blue- NoonSkull TJ Blue- Noon
Skull TJ Blue- Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderSkull TJ Red - Noon
Skull TJ Red - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderSkull Cashmere Blue - NoonSkull Cashmere Blue - Noon
Skull Cashmere Blue - Noon Sale price360,00 €
Pre-orderMc Supersized Black and White porcelaine
Pre-orderMc Supersized Platine PorcelainMc Supersized Platine Porcelain
Mc Supersized Platine Porcelain Sale price800,00 €