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Sculptures and customs

Find here magnificent sculptures with ever more worked designs. Whether in resin or porcelain, everyone will find their account.

Customs are also available in this section, in very limited editions and in amazing materials.

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Bust "Error 404" - Rero & Stéphane ParainBust "Error 404" - Rero & Stéphane Parain
Sold outFigure It Out : Designer Toys and Their MakersFigure It Out : Designer Toys and Their Makers
Sold out400% + 100% Bearbrick Romero Britto400% + 100% Bearbrick Romero Britto
Sold outBones by Mike EganBones by Mike Egan
Bones by Mike Egan Sale price$78.00
Sold outPre-orderSkull Brain Pink - Emilio Garcia
Pre-orderSkull Brain Bleu de Four - Emilio Garcia
Hirosuke SculpturesHirosuke Sculptures
Hirosuke Sculptures Sale price$39.00
Graffiti Crime By BrandalisedGraffiti Crime By Brandalised
Breakout (Specter Edition) by Matt BaileyBreakout (Specter Edition) by Matt Bailey
Sold outPre-orderSkull Brain Black - Emilio Garcia
Pre-orderSkull Brain - Emilio GarciaSkull Brain - Emilio Garcia
Skull Brain - Emilio Garcia Sale price$231.00
Pre-orderSpray Paint Cash Red - NoonSpray Paint Cash Red - Noon
Spray Paint Cash Red - Noon Sale price$231.00
EXPO ELEMENTS - Gregos Sale price$231.00
Takahiro Komuro : SculpturesTakahiro Komuro : Sculptures
Kehinde Wiley : An Archaeology of SilenceKehinde Wiley : An Archaeology of Silence
Pre-orderSkull Platinum B - Noon
Skull Platinum B - Noon Sale price$369.00
Sold outPre-orderSkull Gold B - NoonSkull Gold B - Noon
Skull Gold B - Noon Sale price$369.00
Pre-orderSkull Green Butterfly - Noon
Sold outBlockbusterz - Wuzone CustomBlockbusterz - Wuzone Custom
Hunt & Gather - Dolly 8Hunt & Gather - Dolly 8
Hunt & Gather - Dolly 8 Sale price$93.00
Collection of artistic techniquesCollection of artistic techniques
Yoshitomo Nara - The Endless StoryYoshitomo Nara - The Endless Story
Takayuki Takeya - Modeling of FearTakayuki Takeya - Modeling of Fear
Yoshimasa Tsuchiya - Sylvan WhispersYoshimasa Tsuchiya - Sylvan Whispers
Nakamura Moe - Before the DawnNakamura Moe - Before the Dawn
Takashi Murakami : The Complete BT Archives (1992 - 2012)Takashi Murakami : The Complete BT Archives (1992 - 2012)
Rogan Gregory : Event HorizonRogan Gregory : Event Horizon
Pre-orderMc Supersized Black and White porcelaine
Pre-orderMc Supersized Platine PorcelainMc Supersized Platine Porcelain
Pre-orderSkull KOI Engraving - NoonSkull KOI Engraving - Noon
Skull KOI Engraving - Noon Sale price$332.00
Pre-orderSkull TJ Blue- NoonSkull TJ Blue- Noon
Skull TJ Blue- Noon Sale price$332.00
Pre-orderSkull Cashmere Blue - NoonSkull Cashmere Blue - Noon
Skull Cashmere Blue - Noon Sale price$332.00
Pre-orderSkull TJ Red - Noon
Skull TJ Red - Noon Sale price$332.00
Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 9Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 9
Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 9 Sale price$93.00
Hunt & Gather - Killer 27Hunt & Gather - Killer 27
Hunt & Gather - Killer 27 Sale price$93.00
Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 8Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 8
Hunt & Gather - Cleaner 8 Sale price$93.00