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Superplastic is an American designer toy manufacturer based in Burlington. The company was founded by Paul Budnitz and artist Huck Gee. Widely known on social media, it has many prestigious partnerships such as Gucci and Fortnite. Superplastic is positioned in the market for luxury art toys, music, fashion and Web3, with many collaborations at the crossroads of digital and physical domains.

We owe him many characters like Guggimon and Janky, but also collaborations with Gorillaz and Pete Fowler.

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Post Malone - The Legend of MalonePost Malone - The Legend of Malone
-10%Bundle Gorillaz AstronautBundle Gorillaz Astronaut
Bundle Gorillaz Astronaut Sale price450,00 € Regular price500,00 €
KidSuperplastic by KidSuper - Chop ChopKidSuperplastic by KidSuper - Chop Chop
Bunny Kitty by Persue - SuperguggiBunny Kitty by Persue - Superguggi
Bunny Keeper by Persue - SuperJankyBunny Keeper by Persue - SuperJanky
Kiss Land Green by The Weeknd - SuperJankyKiss Land Green by The Weeknd - SuperJanky
Moneybagz Murderpants by GuggimonMoneybagz Murderpants by Guggimon
Janky Series 4Janky Series 4
Janky Series 4 Sale price17,50 €
Superghost Grey by Trevor AndrewSuperghost Grey by Trevor Andrew
Queen Janky the 9th - Graf QueenQueen Janky the 9th - Graf Queen
Lil' Helpers Cross Faded 15"Lil' Helpers Cross Faded 15"
Lil' Helpers Cross Faded 15" Sale price220,00 €
Neon Dreamz SuperJanky by J. BalvinNeon Dreamz SuperJanky by J. Balvin
Superplastic ShudogSuperplastic Shudog
Superplastic Shudog Sale price99,90 €
Gorillaz by Superplastic - HobbsGorillaz by Superplastic - Hobbs
Gorillaz by Superplastic - MurdocGorillaz by Superplastic - Murdoc
Gorillaz by Superplastic - 2DGorillaz by Superplastic - 2D
Gorillaz by Superplastic - 2D Sale price125,00 €
Gorillaz by Superplastic - NoodleGorillaz by Superplastic - Noodle
Knuckle Duster Superjanky by Mark GmehlingKnuckle Duster Superjanky by Mark Gmehling
Kranky Series 1Kranky Series 1
Kranky Series 1 Sale price13,90 €
Yellow UberKrankyYellow UberKranky
Yellow UberKranky Sale price199,90 €
Seafoam UberKrankySeafoam UberKranky
Seafoam UberKranky Sale price199,90 €