1000% Bearbrick Donatello (TMNT)

890 €
They are green shelled, live in the sewers, were raised by a rat... They are... The knights of scales and vinyl... Yes, the Ninja Turtles!

They arrive in Bearbrick format in 1000% for our greatest pleasure! The TMNT license has been widely used for several years, not necessarily for the better (see the latest films released) but here the designs are based on the 1987 cartoon that we all know! Here we find Donatello!

picto Paiement 100 % sécurisé
picto Livraison rapide de 24 à 72h
picto À ton écoute au 01 47 03 09 90
Référence : BBRCK1000TMHTD
Hauteur : 72 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte
Univers : Tortues Ninja
Fabricant : MEDICOM TOY

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