Labubu - Space Adventure - Kasing Lung

11,90 €
The Chinese artist KasingLung, known for his expressive, quirky and endearing characters, has joined forces with the giant Pop Mart to produce a series around his character Labubu. With his mischievous gaze and protruding teeth, Labubu amazes us and travels from universe to universe depending on the series.

To stick to the whimsical universe of Pop Mart, Kasing Lung transported Labubu into the universe of space opera. An artistic performance declined in 12 different designs and a secret.

Labubu Warrior
Labubu Captain
Zimomo Beast
Labubu Starkiller
Spooky Emperor
Pato Princess
Labubu Professor
Labubu Space Alien
Yaya Robot
Spooky Emperor Soldier
Tycoco Aliens
Labubu Wizard

Sold in blind box and individually.
Quantité :
picto Paiement 100 % sécurisé
picto Livraison rapide de 24 à 72h
picto À ton écoute au 01 47 03 09 90
Hauteur : 8 cm
Univers : Labubu
Artiste : Kasing Lung
Fabricant : Popmart

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