Lil' Helpers Cross Faded 15"

220 €
If you are familiar with the Superplastic brand, you surely know the group's two mascots. Janky on one side, the toothless cat, and Guggi on the other, a rabbit which is reminiscent of the character of Max in the Sam & Max license.

Here we find Guggi in a 35cm vinyl version, divided into two parts with stripes on one side and a beautiful color gradient on the other. Less terrifying than usual, he is unarmed but still appears with clenched teeth. Get ready for him to play tricks on you !
picto Paiement 100 % sécurisé
picto Livraison rapide de 24 à 72h
picto À ton écoute au 01 47 03 09 90
Référence : GGHELPVER3
Hauteur : 35 cm
Univers : Guggimon
Artiste : Guggimon
Fabricant : Superplastic

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