Mickey Fantasia Deluxe Version

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If I tell you Mickey and Magician, there is a good chance that Paul Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice resonates in your ears, and this because of a legendary film, Fantasia.

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An absolutely amazing musical epic technically and musically formidable, the film contains a segment with Mickey who, out of laziness, will enchant a broom to clean the house for him. Of course, it will turn out badly, but it will give a cult scene for animated cinema.

Today Beast Kingdom pays homage to this beautiful piece of cinema with a 21 cm high articulated figurine, at 1/9 scale, delivered with a base, interchangeable hands and faces, but also the faithful enchanted broom.

Hauteur : 21 cm
Univers : Mickey Mouse
Fabricant : Beast Kingdom

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