Robbie the Rabbit Minie White - Silent Hill 3

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A beautiful summer of 2003, maybe you played Heather Mason on your Playstation 2. When you were approached by a very suspicious private detective, you took refuge in the nearest toilet. Upon leaving, the world had changed and the nightmare began. This milestone debut is that of Silent Hill 3.

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The last great game in a franchise that should have remained a trilogy, it has a recurring backdrop to an amusement park: Lakeside Amusement Park. As you explore the latter, you will repeatedly come across Robbie, a colorful bunny who contrasts with the general darkness of the game and is all the more unhealthy.

Find it here in the form of a 10 cm high figurine and equipped with an ax.

Hauteur : 10 cm
Univers : Silent Hill
Fabricant : Gecco

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