Soopa Maria shori - Erick Scarecrow

49,90 €

After his sublime tribute to PaRappa the rapper, Erick Scarecrow puts the cover back and this time goes to small Japanese craftsmen and more precisely to a company that has created a famous mustached plumber.

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Big N as we will call it here has indeed revolutionized the video game with its famous duo of plumber brothers ready to go to save a sweet princess in distress.

If Scarecrow keeps the cap, overalls and gloves, goodbye the mustache and make way for Soopa Maria, a half-woman, half-animal heroine who, we hope, will one day have her own video game.

Référence : ESCSOOPA
Hauteur : 12.7 cm
Poids : 0.2 kg
Artiste : Erick Scarecrow
Fabricant : ESC Toy

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