Brutus inflates with Fools Paradise
03 juil.
Brutus inflates with Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise label comes back with a punchy reinterpretation of one of the mythical Popeye's characters.

Known for reinventing the image of pop culture heroes and anti-heroes, Fools Paradise delivers very sharp figurines. If Broly of Dragon Ball Z has already been reinterpreted, it's another well-hung character that we are dealing with: Brutus of Popeye.

Well-built pirate, Brutus is the supreme Popeye's antagonist who is recognized by his rather rustic manners and his slightly neglected look. Olive lover, to whom he tries to seduce, Brutus succeeds of annoying our favorite sailor who gives him a few well-placed punches and win the duel; all these spinaches finally make the difference...

Appeared in 1932 in the comic strip entitled The Thimble Theater, Brutus or Bluto or Timothée (yes, it depends on the versions we are talking about), has a very modern facelift thanks to Fools Paradise. Bye bye shaggy beard and ugly sailor suit, hello bodybuilder pirate who seems to be coming out of the barber.

The hypebeast side of other figurines is missing here but we love this new Brutus figure that will perfectly make the difference - and we do not speak that size - with that of Popeye.

Find it on the Fools Paradise website !

Credits : Fools Paradise 
Source : Fools Paradise Instagram 

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