Discover three figurines to celebrate Popeye's 90th birthday !
30 août
Discover three figurines to celebrate Popeye's 90th birthday !

The most famous sailor of pop culture blows his 90 candles this year and gets a wave of tributes !

We had to go our first English lessons at school to understand that Popeye actually wanted to say "pop eye". And yes, our dear sailor is one-eyed, so his nickname has become his name. A name that resonates with us since childhood but is already 90 years old. It was in 1929 that he was discovered in the comic strip The Thimble Theatre with his forearms overdeveloped and his strong personnality. Moreover, he loves spinaches (true mystery for us as children), he also can give punches to Brutus, who seduces Olive and is his forever antagonist.

Fools Paradise has elsewhere respectively dedicated a figurine to these characters. If Brutus was in hypebeast, Popeye has not undergone any major transformations. We find his mythical pipe, his cap, his uniform, his anchor tattoo on the forearm and a mustache, which makes him come straight into the 2000's. Obviously, Fools Paradise has inflated the muscle of the most famous sailors. You were told that spinach was great ! Edited in April 2019 in 13" figure, Popeye Fools Paradise is to be found on the site of ZCWO, which participated in the project.

Of course, others wanted to give their vision of Popeye as Luaiso Lopez, the rising star of toy designers. He too has teamed up with ZCWO to develop his 9" Popeye figure. His speciality ? Involve all his pop culture references, mix them and deliver a result perfectly in the trend. No wonder we see the sailor being transferred to ... zombie. Yes, they are popular. All the codes are there with a hint of decomposition perfectly represented by the blue of his skin and the wounds that are there. The detail that kills ? Bye bye spinach, now Popeye has eyes only for fresh brains. Available for pre-order on September 27th, Zombie Popeye will be sold at $ 220.

On their side VTSS Toys, Vins and the New York designer Blank William have decided to create a 15" resin sculpture representing the inevitable punch of Popeye. Placed on a base, representing a surface that breaks, Popeye's punch is in action, his anchor tattoo clearly visible. A wink to one of the most important detail of the character. More refined but just as pop as the other figurines, "That's all I can stand, I can not stand no more!" of VTSS Toys x Wines x Blank William is sold at $450 in a hand-made box and published in 100 copies (50 in white, 50 in black) with a signed and numbered authenticity card. If you are interested, send an email to VSST Toys.

As for us, we only have one thing left : "Happy Birthday Popeye" !

Credits : Fools Paradise/ Luaiso Lopez/ ZCWO/ Vins/ Blank William/ VTSS Toys

Source / Fools Paradise/ The Tiy Chronicle

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