Konatsu x Pop Mart, the collaboration around cat's world
12 nove.
Konatsu x Pop Mart, the collaboration around cat's world

Cats, food and pop look, we don't need more to be charmed.

Last month Konatsu joined Pucky, Kenny Wong, Coarse, Seulgie Lee and Kasing Lung in the Pop Mart circle. A slew of artists ready to put their creativity at the service of a series of small toys all cooler than each other. To inaugurate this young collboration, the Japanese artist Konatsu gave life to one of his illustrations showing adorable little cats.

With Can Neko Friends, Konatsu invites us to explore the cat's relationship with food. Don't pretend, we know that those who have cats have watched them for a long time to try to understand this mystery. Obnubilated by their meals, these balls of hair are shown in various situations involving boxes of tuna, special small dishes alternating moment of joy, greed or rest ! To translate these moments of feline joy, Konatsu imagined his series in 12 toys to collect and presented in blind box.

Find them on the Strange Cat Toys website for $11 each.

Credits : Konatsu / Pop Mart 

Source : The Toy Chronicle 

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