Tatsuya Tanaka, king of miniature
17 octo.
Tatsuya Tanaka, king of miniature

Impressive and regressive, the work of this artist will bluff you.

Launched on the front of the stage in 2018 thanks to his Instagram account transformed into a calendar, the Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka creates miniatures of characters that he puts on stage with everyday objects. From the pie shovel to the glass or the toothbrush, he transforms his surroundings into an artistic set-up in which everyday characters or icons of pop culture take place.

We find in particular the heroes of Dragon Ball, those of Marvel with Spider-Man or Dr Strange but also Disney with these dear Jasmine and Aladdin on their... playing flying card. Don't need to be imaginative, everything is so well thought out that everyone would believe that's the original decor. Tatsuya Tanaka thinks everything from A to Z, also diverting food to create the most mimetic material possible. Admit that you would never have thought of cabbage to make a sail or waves...

Between ingenuity, poetry and pop culture, Tatsuya Tanaka reinvents every day the miniature figurine for the greatest pleasure of our eyes and our child's soul.

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