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Article: Leblon Delienne or how to rediscover the magic of childhood

Leblon Delienne ou comment retrouver la magie de l'enfance

Leblon Delienne or how to rediscover the magic of childhood

The French company delights young and old with its collection figurines with stunning finishes. Once again we couldn't resist all of its new models which, we hope, you like as much as we do ? Here's a quick overview of these figurines that make us rediscover the magic of childhood, as with Lucky, this sculpture with reassuring round lines by the artist Eugeni Quitlet ! You knew it in the red version, this time it's the all-white version with gold accents that will melt you. Or maybe it's Snoopy ? The iconic all-round comic strip Peanuts returns in 3 versions: a white and platinum heart to celebrate its 70 years, another with a platinum crown and finally a last in its classic colors, holding a red heart as big as that.

Leblon Delienne is also the magic of Disney that comes back to us like a boomerang full of nostalgia with iconic characters like Mickey, Minnie or Bambi. The little fawn, who brought us the hottest tears by losing his mom in the cartoon, returns as an all-gold figurine, showing him lying on his little legs. Adorable. A figurine in contrast to the casual Mickey figurines by Marcel Wanders showing Mickey seated, holding onto his arms, legs slightly apart. In monochrome white or red, this Sitting Mickey will delight the big children that you are. As for Thomas Dariel's golden Mickey Sparkling with its white spots, a reference to the pointillist movement, it is sure to be a hit with design lovers...

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